Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to post a SLIDE presentation of PICTURES

Hi guys,
Just in case you don't know how to insert a SLIDESHOW in your blog, follow the instructions:


-Click on the yellow icon MAKE A SLIDESHOW

-Once you are in the site, upload 10 images (Click on 'Browse')

-When you have uploaded the pictures, if you want you can customize the presentation with effects, music, etc.

-Click on the green icon SAVE (get a code)

-SAVE slideshow

-And then a page will appear. In this page you will obtain a code (it is called embedded code)

-Copy the code

-Go to your BLOG and create a NEW POST

-Paste the code in HTML and write a title.

-And voilĂ ! Now you have a slideshow presentation in your blog!!!

Be creative!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I need holidays!!!!


We're in Februrary and you already need some holiday off! So, you are going to plan them :)

Steps to follow:

1) Choose a country where English is spoken.

2) Open your GMAIL account and go to GOOGLE DOCS (up top left)

3) Create a new document and title it: ---- (your name) NEEDS HOLIDAYS!!!

4) Write the name of the country

5) Copy a map of the country in the your new document.

6) Choose 4 cities from the country

7) Find activities to do, museums to visit, places to go, etc, from the cities you have choosen and include them in the document.

8) Include also pictures from the cities.

9) When you finish the document SAVE it and then SHARE it with me (